metallic wave

Since the main time I find inspirational to shoot now-a-days is during the sunrise and sunset, I have had an exceptional amount of time to indulge in painting/mixed media. And it's been working out just right for me to keep bouncing back between the two mediums. The compositions of my painting are often influenced by my photographs and I tent to reference my pictures when adapting texture to my paints. ---These are just a few of the many I've done this summer.

+feedback is always great!


warm whispers into cold ears

[these are two different pictures]

Currently, I've found myself here, in this niche. I'm coming to the end a long trial and error period and will continue to work on this path; capturing the world at its only inevitable times of day while often integrating the many changing aspects of our lives into an image that can move you through space and can provoke strong emotional feeling only in the purest form.



Desired to work more, when school is out.