fall 09 evaluations

I would never usually take pictures of pictures but I like giving a people a feel for my evaluation and how it was hung, plus you can see the true size of the images. This is a little late considering this is from last semester but it was definitely my best evaluation yet. One of teachers on the panel even told me that I made it worth him coming into work that day, and that if there was an award for the most improved student he would have give it to me, hands down. I was proud of the work I accumulated over that fall semester considering I had even dropped a class.



the most abandoned looking and feeling, still in use place, ever.


beetle's and mice.

Ink & water colors for drawing III class nature& abstraction.. Referenced a diagram of a beetles digestive system and little tiny scans of a bunch of a mouses insides. It was fun and I'm going to do a lot more for this assignment.



vantines day

really glad i got a picture of it before. really sad i didn't get one after.

peas in the pods


i took this after my sister ate a slice of cake in january, and ever since then have really been interested in taking picture of food... and peoples plates after they eat their food.


new interests

I was never one to be interested in photographing people or portraiture until recently. After researching Nan Goldin and looking through books of her work she gave me a new appreciation for what it means to take a picture of somebody. To put it as brief as possible, Nan Goldin started photography simply so she would remember her life and it turned into a sexually explicate, yet vibrant timeline of her life that allows views to see everywhere she has been and some of the most obscured situations she had been in.
Even though I'm usually urged to take these really abstract images i'm beginning to steer toward images that strike emotions of remembering, and are more raw. For now I will be like on a see-saw and go back and forth until I can find my balance.